Marina Beach Film Productions

HD, Television, Film


Have an idea for a script but don’t know how to put the words down on paper?  Or maybe you’ve penned the pages and just need someone to bring them to life.

Perhaps you want to make use of some footage you’ve shot - or you have a rough cut edit that needs to be polished to a gem.

Or let’s say your project is practically ready to enter the production phase - except something happened and you suddenly need a couple critical crew members, like a director or DP.

Pick up the phone or shoot us an email.  Then relax - and take a walk on the beach!

[We’re also a signatory to the Directors Guild of America (DGA) - meaning all our directors, or any others that we use, are members.]


So - what do you want to do?

“I want to shoot a...

Television Presentation Pilot

Internet Show or Web Series

Independent Feature

Television Commercial



Marketing Trailer

Film Festival Short

General or News Interview

Music Video or possibly an

Industrial or Corporate piece that something you do?”